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What is NATURALISTA, how it all began and where it goes...

While drinking quite some nice bottles of wine and finding our own path with our winery NABOSO, Andrej and me came up with the idea of organizing an event in our garden. Opening once a year the doors to our small world to the outside and creating a day with the focus on natural wines from friend winemakers in combination with delicious food, crafts, music and art.

Our thoughts started small, but it was from the beginning clear it should not be only about our winery, we want to include so many talented winemakers we know and spend with them one day together in our home and share their beautiful wines with people from our town, friends and everybody who wants to come and is interested.

We don`t call NATURALISTA a wine fair, more a summer event where you can professionally taste all the wines, but also just enjoy a glass or a bottle and relax in the grass, watching the birds in the blue sky and listening to some nice tunes after you strolled through a small art exhibition.

After philosophizing about how this whole festival could look like and thinking about so many people we want to invite, naturally a great bunch of winemakers was set for the first edition on June 1st in 2019. We ended up having 13 wineries from 4 different countries and beside that amazing friends got involved who took over the part of food, art and music.

In a much bigger picture than we thought, NATURALISTA 2019 happened!

A bit of an chaotic start and a rainy week before, we got blessed with the most amazing sunshine and blue sky, soooo many guests from different countries and a wonderful atmosphere. If you would have asked us before what we expect, there wouldn`t have been an answer, because we had no idea. After this day we can only say: It was fabulous! And after getting wonderful feedback from winemakers, wine lovers, wine drinkers, wine professionals, food junkies, music lovers, art enthusiasts and everybody who came, we went to bed with a massive big smile!

On Saturday June 1st, 2024 we will be ready to rock and cannot wait to share this day with all of you!

Hopefully we see you then and all the following years!

Nadja and Andrej

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